raven chacon (christ with braces, mesa ritual, sicksicksick)
bob bellerue (redglaer, diablo, anarchymoon)
& sometimes sandor finta (democri$y, wounded head, harassor, bastardised records)

also can be found at

live at Denver Noise Fest 2010


releases ::

Into the red, into the black c30 on Banned Productions
Kitchen Sorcery
CD on Prison Tatt
Chrome Bellows
c30 on Peyote Tapes
Snow White In Hell
LP on Anarchymoon, Bastardised, and sicksicksick
060706 in T.U.R.D. 3x3" split (with Feed the Dragon and Improvisatyrs) on Banned Productions
Vaya Con Nada 3" on Small Doses
Fuck the Rich (all night long) CDr collab with the Sunken on Barfing Dagger Recordings
Sharp Dark Love 3" Cdr on EMR
untitled split c20 with Dead Wolf Blakc on Bastardised
untitled split CDr with Dead Wolf Blakc on Bastardised
untitled track on No Maniacs Only : Norcal Noise Fest 10 homepage