May 24-26 2013 at Silent Barn



featuring performances by:

Macronympha (PA)
Aaron Dilloway (OH)
Thomas Dimuzio (CA)
Pod Blotz (CA)
Francisco Meirino (CH)
Pulse Emitter (OR)
Andy Ortmann (IL)
Oscillating Innards (OR)
Zaïmph (NY)
Crank Sturgeon (ME)
Gerritt Wittmer (CA)
work/death (RI)
Rusalka (BC)
Maria Chavez (NY)
Clang Quartet (NC)
Mister Matthews (NY)
Bhob Rainey (PA) & Witchbeam (LA)
Skin Graft (OH)
Kakerlak (MD)
Id M Theft Able (ME)
Jeff Carey (MD)
Dried Up Corpse (WA)
Jason Soliday (IL)
Jean-Sébastien Truchy (QC)
Penny Royale (MA)
flatgrey (QC)
Developer & Diaphragmatic (OH)
Long Distance Poison (NY)
Collapsed Arc (OH)
Peter J Woods (WI)
Nonhorse (NY)
Justin Marc Lloyd (IL)
Isa Christ (MA)
Plague Mother (OH)
Breached Hull (OH)

live video performances by ESPTV, Jeff Donaldson, Pat Spadine, and Melissa Clarke + Nat Roe


curated by Bob Bellerue, with film/video screenings and performances co-curated by Lea Bertucci, and sound installations co-curated by Maria Chavez


Ende Tymes 2013 Schedule

Friday, May 24:

6-8:00 PM Video screenings and live performance:
Thomas Dexter
“Square/Gets/The/Circle” Performance Excerpts

Matteo Pasin
“The Republic”

Katherine Liberoskaya
“Upwind” Music by Guy De Bievre
“Frog Fields” 2010 Music by If, Bwana (Al Margolis)

Mark Cetilia “Pulse Shape”

Jordi Planas + Ana Diaz Ortuno “U-Raw”

ESPTV live performance

9:00 PM Long Distance Poison (NY)
9:30 PM Breached Hull (OH)
10:10 PM TAHNZZ (NM)
10:30 PM Developer+Diaphragmatic (OH)
10:50 PM Bhob Rainey and Witchbeam (PA/LA)
11:10 PM KILT (NM/NY)
11:30 PM Rusalka (BC)
11:50 PM Kakerlak (MD)
12:20 AM Crank Sturgeon (ME)
12:50 AM Oscillating Innards (OR)
1:10 AM PCRV (MT)
1:30 AM Macronympha (PA)

Saturday, May 25:

4-5:00 PM Premiere NY Screening of GX Jupitter-Larsen's A Noisy Delivery
5-7:00 PM Video screenings and live performance
Chris Black “Silver”

Mikey Petersen “Anas Nebula”

Clint Enns “The Everden”

Jim Haynes “18 Films About Ted Serios: Chapter 2”

Abinadi Meza “Seeing is Dreaming”

Allison Ballard “Consequence of Noise and Silence”

Meg Rorison “Gowanus Haze”

Jeff Donaldson live performance

8:00 PM KHF (NY)
8:20 PM TOMB (PA)
8:40 PM ISA Christ (MA)
9:00 PM Maria Chavez (NY)
9:20 PM Plague Mother (OH)
9:40 PM Peter J Woods (WI)
10:00 PM Pod Blotz (CA)
10:30 PM Thomas Dimuzio (CA)
11:00 PM Gerritt Wittmer (CA)
11:20 PM Penny Royale (MA)
11:40 PM Clang Quartet (NC)
12:00 AM Dried Up Corpse (WA)
12:20 AM Aaron Dilloway (MI)
12:50 AM Francisco Meirino (CH)
1:10 AM Vomir (FR)
1:30 AM Vomir / Meirino / Wittmer (FR/CH/CA)

Sunday, May 26:

2-4:00 PM Panel Discussion with Aaron Dilloway, Suzy Poling, Daryl Groetsch, and Raven Chacon
5-7:00 PM Video screenings and live performances

Suzy Poling “Comet Call”

Jon Eriksen “Throwing”

Molly Bradbury – “Derive (Variation 2)”

Nicola Vinciguerra "Cagnara"

Hans Grusel “Alice in Wonderland”

Nat Roe + Melissa Clark live performance

Pat Spadine live performance

8:00 PM Nonhorse
8:20 PM Collapsed Arc (OH)
8:40 PM Gh0st Tac0 (QC)
9:00 PM Jeff Carey (MD)
9:20 PM Jean-Sébastien Truchy (QC)
9:40 PM Jason Soliday (IL)
10:00 PM IDM Theftable (ME)
10:20 PM Zaimph (NY)
10:50 PM Andy Ortmann (IL)
11:20 PM flatgrey (QC)
11:50 PM Pulse Emitter (OR)
12:10 AM Work/Death (RI)
12:40 AM Skin Graft (OH)
1:10 AM Mister Matthews

all weekend: sound installations



all events - $15/nite, $35/weekend.

video screenings only - $7 donation

panel discussion - free

Sunday night special - $10 tickets available at the panel discussion

tickets available at the door


more info:




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Funded in part through New Music USA's MetLife Creative Connections program. This project is made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts' Electronic Media and Film Presentation Funds grant program, administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes (www.NYSCA.org www.eARTS.org).




Since 2006, VOMIR has worked on the achievement of monolithic and continuous noise from analog noise generators and released many recordings, praised releases that made him one of the principal actor of the Harsh Noise Wall genre.


For 22 years Macronympha has been playing their harsh brand of American noise and as of now are still going strong. At Ende Tymes Fest, founding member Joe Roemer will be joined by Chris Goudreau (SICKNESS) and Chuck Ackley (HOGRA). "More like a mirror we reflect society, some things you might not ordinarily look at. A dark and perversely twisted photo-journalism. Freaks and other like-minded individuals aren't the only people who can look past "-isms" and "-ologies" to find a relevant voice. NOISE is as old as millions of years of volcanic eruption and mountain erosion. The modern industry of metal and machines added more to this mix. All we do is use everything at our disposal to record the true power that had been filling the airwaves since the beginning of time." -- Joseph Roemer / Macronympha


Aaron Dilloway is a noise artist based in Oberlin OH. He began releasing and recording music at the age of 16 in the Detroit MI area. He is a former guitarist and tape manipulator for the noise rock band Wolf Eyes, which he left in 2005 to live most of that year in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since leaving the group he has poured forth a relentless discography of critically acclaimed albums, including “Modern Jester” (on his own Hanson Records imprint), and “Grapes And Snakes” with Jason Lescalleet (Pan Records, Berlin).


Thomas Dimuzio has worked solo and collaboratively with artists including Dimmer, Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Nick Didkovsky, Matmos, ISIS, Wobbly, Illusion of Safety, Due Process, Voice of Eye, Negativland, 5uu’s, and Mickey Hart. Dimuzio's extensive discography includes releases on RéR Megacorp, Seeland, RRRecords, Asphodel, No Fun Records, Drone Records, Record Label Records, Melon Expander and Isounderscore, while his Discogs.com page reads like a Who’s Who of the underground noise and experimental music world. “Attending a Thomas Dimuzio performance is like lying underneath a web of freeway bridges with your eyes closed; blocking out all visuals except the brief daggers of light that flicker with each passing car. There is a sense of probable dread — metal, wooden or cigarette debris from the vehicles could fly off and injure you — but also one of hypnotized calm, thanks to the amplified hum of Michelin and Goodyear against greased concrete. Dimuzio, a San Francisco electro-noise composer, seemingly replicates this experience with massive, body-vibrating drones punctuated by abrupt, skreeing hits of white noise. His improvised performances — usually performed with guitar feedback and short-wave radio files processed with a laptop and CDJ player-explore the gray area between tranquility and disarray, and they can draw your imagination into a wilderness it will refuse to leave, even when your nerves are shot by so many conflicting emotions.” — Pitchfork Media


Suzy Poling has presented specific multi-dimensional performances with sound and video that address hypnosis, geometry, natural phenomenon and psychic transportations, often under the name Pod Blotz. Her music is often accompanied by film, video, shattered mirrors and light art in experiential environments. Her work has been shown at the Berkeley Art Museum, Machine Projects, Cal Poly University, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, 23five Incorporated, The Lab, Queen's Nails Projects, Southern Exposure, San Jose Museum of Art, Transmodern Festival and Portland Institute of Art. She has performed throughout the US and in Europe, and has played many festivals such as No Fun, Colour Out of Space, INC, and Neon Marshmellow Fest. more info: http://suzypoling.com/


Francisco Meirino has been active since 1994 (as phroq until 2009) in experimental music and live performance. His music explores the tension between programmable material and the potential for its failure, his music is fascinating by its physical intensity and detail precision.


Crank Sturgeon has been active in performance, installation, and sound art since the early 1990's. A comical conceptualist, Crank is something of a misnomer: whether blending pun with the profane, or transforming the precious into an oil spill, a Sturgeon performance defies categorization. Accompanied by ridiculous costuming, pointed instructions and parables (gone awry), and even the occasional dirigible or two, these elements intertwine, transforming into space-defying interventions, invariably involving audience participation. More than just possessing a predilection for the absurd, Crank wears the goggles of the perpetual optimist: infusing his processes with a classical struggle, and yet always with a leery salmon grin, awash in an undertow of delicious and celebratory noise...

More info: http://cranksturgeon.com/


Born in Lima, Peru, Maria Chavez is mainly recognized in the art community as an improviser and sound artist. Her sound installations and live turntable performances focus on the paradox of time and the present moment through the creative use and misuse of the turntable.


"CLANG QUARTET is a performance by Scotty Irving (Me). Since the first show in 1997, it has changed a lot over the years. At this time, it is an even mixture of Harsh Noise/Percussion/and Performance Art. The show is an abstract journey of my walk in life without Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection, and then my life WITH Jesus as Lord and Savior. All the props I use during the show are also sound instruments, including any mask or other item. Any questions? ASK ME! Also see http://www.facebook.com/clangquartet and http://www.youtube.com/user/clangquartet1967 .Thanks and God bless you"


PCRV was started in 2001 in Billings, MT as a means to explore my interests in heavier music and free improvisation. working strictly in a solo
setting, PCRV has released a multitude of recordings on many noise labels over the last 12 years. In recent years, PCRV has expanded his interests into fluxus, performance art and mail art. all the while trying to marry his initial noise approach into these new areas of experimental art.


Pulse Emitter is the musical project of Daryl Groetsch, based in Portland, Oregon. The synthesizer is integral to his compositions which have been constantly developing through throbbing, harsh and desolate modular-synthesizer adventures, using a home-made system, towards a sound more composed, textual and intricately melodic, evoking microscopic and interstellar landscapes inspired by nature, science-fiction and the cosmos. His discography spans labels including Aguirre, NNA and Ultra Eczema, with new work imminent on Immune, and he has toured dates and festivals in Europe and North America. David Keenan has called Pulse Emitter "The undisputed king of planetary scale synth hypnosis" and has said, "No one is making synth music that feels so organic, so rapturous and so 'in tune' with the contours of outer and inner space as Groetsch."


Oscillating Innards (2001-2014) is the solo harsh noise project of Gordon Ashworth (Portland, Oregon). He has released over 40 recordings as OxIx and has extensively toured in the US, Europe and Japan. This will be his first east coast set since 2008, and the ExTx festival will be last east coast performance before the death of the project.


Zaïmph is the solo project of ambient noise artist Marcia Bassett. Although legendary for white-hot guitar and vocal brutality, Zaimph's recent recordings and performances infuse cracked-raga song structures with dense electronic and synthesiser drones to create soundscapes where a lurking apocalypse is eclipsed by shimmering, meditative beauty. In addition to her work with Zaïmph, Bassett is a frequent collaborator with a wide spectrum of musicians including Helen Espvall (Espers), Samara Lubelski, Margarida Garcia, Jenny Graf (Metalux), Taylor Richardson (Infinity Window), and Barry Weisblat. More info: http://zaimph.com


Andy Ortmann is a trans-media artist, currently exploring the realm of video. Utilizing Hybrid Systems (Audio/Video Modular Synthesizers, Pixel Vision Camera & Computer) examining the borders between the conscious and the unsubconscious, by way of thought injection, subliminals & pataphysical chromotherapy. Ortmann hosts The Eternal Now podcast on WFMU, which focuses on Experimental and Electronic Music. In addition, he is the founder of the long-running experimental conceptual group Panicsville as well as curator of the Nihilist records label.


Gerritt Wittmer is a sound and performance artist based in Oakland, California. His work often articulates abstract narratives through vocal expression, body performance, and intense theatrical lighting. He has performed and recorded as Gerritt, Ginnungagap (with Stephen O'Malley and Tim Wyskida), Deathroes (with Sixes), and has performed and/or collaborated on projects with Sunn O))), Sissy Spacek, John Wiese, and Paul Knowles. He also directs the publishing house Misanthropic Agenda


work/death (scøtt reber, from providence ri) recently had the cd 'tender comrades' released on the semata productions label, makes finely screen printed cassettes for his own Three Songs of Lenin label, as well as monorail trespassing, ekhein, corleone, jugular forest, hospital productions, etc. the sound runs from crumbling distortion and dense synth textures to delicate melodies and empty field recordings. attempting to connect the dots along the path of music concrete, electro-acoustic improv, harsh noise and the pop song.


Kate Rissiek is a Vancouver based artist performing under the name Rusalka since 2007. Employing theremin and other electronics, Rusalka achieves visceral and, at times, abrasive sounds in her exploration of subconscious states and the dark recesses of human nature. A struggle between filth and transcendence occurs which stirs together crude dirt based electronics and an ethereal electromagnetic grasp for emergence . Her recent work often features subtle, yet profound, shifts in mood, timbre, and focus demonstrating a fervent refusal to clearly delineate between introspection and observation.


Mister Matthews is half of Telecult Powers, one third of the Hex Breaker Quartet (one fourth when it is a quintet) and builds his own analog synthesizers


Bhob Rainey and Witchbeam. Bhob Rainey, a soprano saxophonist and composer, is best known as a solo artist and as one half of Nmperign, with whom he plays alien extended technique effects that are influenced by electronic music, environmental sounds and free improvisation. Witchbeam is one half of Telecult Powers, and lives in New Orleans, LA.


Skin Graft is ruined electronics from Wyatt Howland of Ohio


Kakerlak is a long running harsh noise project from Maryland with releases on labels such as Self Abuse, Dadadrumming, Abisko, and Monorail Trespassing


From the Maine pines, Id M Theft Able performs raw stream-of-concioussness vocalizations of his own personal language. Fearless, intuitive, and virtuosic master of the extreme voice; the addition of homemade, concrete objects and electronics augmenting his playfully confrontational slapstick and transformative deconstructionist style. A magical and absurdist traveling troubadour for the modern DUMB AGE; a powerfully effective antidote and incorruptible weapon against a largely toothless and banal epoch of passive activism. More info: http://www.kraag.org/id/


Jeff Carey's music is hardcore digital instrumental music. It is computer based synthesis, noise, and improvisation combined with a no-safety-net aspect of gestural control makes his music totally physical and vicseral. "He's acting on raw instinct here - he refuses the clinical approach to programming software or composing music, and strives to throw himself bodily at his machines, replacing all mechanical moving parts with human flesh, blood, and bone. In pursuit of this all-organic goal, virtually everything else is jettisoned, starting with recognisable notes or melody." -- Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector on "Impulse"


KILT was started in 2005 by Bob Bellerue and Raven Chacon, with the addition of Sandor Finta in 2006. West coast tour 2006, US tours 2007 & 2012, NY mini-tours 2009 & 10. Appearances at Norcal Noise Fest, Santa Barbara Noise Fest, Turn the Screws Festival of Love and Noise 2006, Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation 2011 & 2013, Denver Noise Fest 2010 & 2011.


Dried Up Corpse began as a side project of Blue Sabbath Black Cheers Stan Reed in 2007. The main output of work at that time centered on using source material of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer to remix into another realm of demented sound. Now the project has separated itself from the BSBC source material and thrives on its own using homemade oscillators and source materials recorded specifically for the Dried Up Corpse output. Stan Reed has been involved in many other projects as well such as Plethora, The Broken Penis Orchestra, Nihilist Assault Group and Nurse With Wound.


Jason Soliday has been an active member of Chicago’s sound-making community for over fifteen years, performing improvised and semi-composed works as a solo artist as well as a member of various bands and collaborative projects. From 2005 to 2012 he was also the main curator at Enemy, a performance space in Chicago focusing on sound art and improvised music.


Jean-Sébastien Truchy, ex Fly Pan Am and Set Fire To Flames, now plays with Souffle, Labios, Femminielli and under his own name. He is very attached to the concept of alterity and emptiness. In their exploration he creates pieces of music that are defined by the use of electronic instruments and treated vocals resulting in beautifully textured and organized chaos. He has recently started to create and incorporate the use of videos in his work. These deal with the color of various textures and objects in order to reflect the fluidity and the concept within his music. He is one third of Los Discos Enfantasmes, a Montreal based record label.

More info: http://losdiscosenfantasmes.blogspot.com/


Penny Royale (MA) is Kyle Eyre Clyd's bittersweet sojourn home. Clyd originates from one gothic port city and another declining industrial one in the Deep South. She eroticizes the ruins, revels in the storm, and listens as the complex human screams her/his name in the streets. She's propelled by the poetry of the formless form, entranced by a darkness whose meaning is contingent upon an understanding of its opposite. Kyle Clyd, for nearly a decade, has contributed to the US noise scene as an event/project organizer. Her new LP “Pale Dawn Creeps” is being released by the Alga Marghen sub-label Halatern. Her song “Labartu” was voted #1 noise track of 2012 by the Village Voice. She joins the fest hot off a US tour, grateful to be back at the Barn, the community which midwifed this gorgon into being.


flatgrey -originally from Vancouver, BC, currently based in Montreal, Quebec.


Developer is the harsh musique-concret project of matthew reis. taking influence from 20th century composers, grind + power violence, burrough & gysin's cut up experiments, free jazz drummers, 90's japanese harsh noise and cut up noise. reis has been involved with the noise scene since the early 2000, and privately thru half the 90s. one time owner of epicene_esr records /tapes, reis now run factotum tapes.


Diaphragmatic (Nate Tandy) began in 2008 in Indianapolis as an involved and sometimes bloody exploration of the junk metal noise aesthetic. Through festival appearances and touring, Diaphragmatic has honed and shaped its sound and elaborated on the less-is-more philosophy. A member of Orgasmic Response Unit and runner of the Foxhole Atheism label.


"LONG DISTANCE POISON present an irresistible concoction of convergent psychedelic and analog electronic energies, everything from a love of nature, and Rothko-like visual aesthetics, to musical influences like Sky Records, John Carpenter soundtracks, minimalism, and a less-hyper Mother Mallard or post-Phaedra Tangerine Dream. ...long-form electronic composition with a wealth of improvisational wiggle-room..." (Wm. Berger / WFMU)




Cleveland's David Russell has been crafting short loop rhythmic cacophony for over ten years. Under the Collapsed Arc moniker David
combines electro-acoustic percussion, voice and electronics with elements of performance art to create a dizzying barrage of sight and
sound. Additionally, David runs the web entity Polar Envy, the record label A Soundesign Recording and has a rich history of collaboration
with Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) in COPS, Jerk, Relentless Corpse, Shadows and Tanked. More info: polarenvy.com


While he splits his time equally between curating shows such as the Milwaukee Noise Festival and playing all types of experimental music (from free jazz to sludge metal), Peter J Woods' solo work resides within its own universe. Pulling equally from the worlds of harsh noise and absurdist theatre, Woods' performances build a sense of terror from simple imagery, muted text and an unpredictable barrage of silence and sound. The void is there to stare into. Never forget that.


NONHORSE is the project/adversary of Brooklyn sound artist G Lucas Crane, the folding fractal of his constant forgetting and remembering, Total stutter, tripping tape collage stagger, damed if you do, doomed to cartridge-tech hell and the mountain of dusty polyester vibrating in the mouth of the vortex, a pulsing eye in the sky and a pile on the floor. Deep un Spooooool. He's recently played a show in a gallery, a basement, on a platform, between two towers, in front of stark chairs, in a field, and once at a market. The line is forever blurry. All sensory data is expressed as collage mulch. If you blow earth up it'll just be tapes and CDs and fried potatoes floating in the void. More info: http://nonhorse.com/


Justin Marc Lloyd (aka JML or Pregnant Spore) is a Baltimore-born Chicago resident exploring cathartics by means of avant, abstract and experimental sound composition. he is known for his "fried electronics" sound, and derives influence from Nautical Almanac and the sonic aesthetic of labels Ultra Eczema and Chocolate Monk. JML integrates into his work home-made devices, tape and record manipulation, found materials for electro-acoustics, vocals and lyrics, black metal-influenced guitar delivery... He also runs the 2009-established Rainbow Bridge label and has collaborated with artists such as Junky/Torturing Nurse, David Reed/Envenomist, Preggy Peggy/Angela Sawyer, Gaybomb/Andrew Barranca and more.


Isa Christ is Dylan Hay


Montreal native GRKZGL will most likely present sounds from an expanded reverb tank which is clumsily plucked, bowed, hit and processed into a stuttering, crusty mess. Sounds and info: http://www.grkzgl.net


TAHNZZ is Tahnee Udero, a noise artist, record collector, radio and live DJ from Albuquerque, NM. Starting in 2010, Udero performed with Baby Shampoo, a unit of three female noise musicians. She began creating noise solo as TAHNZZ in 2011 at the women’s outsider music fest Gatas y Vatas, which she helps coordinate. In recent performances she has begun to take on the appearance and aesthetic of a noise curandera. She is also a member of Death Convention Singers and Milch de la Máquina. More info: http://soundcloud.com/tahnzz


PLAGUE MOTHER - Roman J Leyva explores the depths of negation and alienation, panic and paranoia, loss both willing and willful, disgust and destruction, and the psychic deprivation of modernity.


Breached Hull is the Sci-Fi based power electronics project of Justin Lakes (Pusdrainer,Muck,Forced Opinion) and Matt Goodrich (Water Torture,STDFN,Pacing). Based out of Cincinnati,OH and Buffalo,NY. First East Coast appearance.


T.O.M.B. is one of the first artists to ever create black noise. The project was originally conceived in 1996 from the ruins of the death metal band Incantation. One night circa 1996, Incantation members decided to break into a crypt. One member, the founder of T.O.M.B., used metal rods found within to create percussion. A new form of music was thereby born fusing the conventions of death and black metal to noise, industrial, and dark ambient. All of T.O.M.B.’s recordings have field recordings obtained within abandoned buildings and cemeteries. These sites include, but are not limited to Byberry Mental Institution, Pennhurst State school, Kentucky’s Waverly Hills, Norristown State Hospital, Lambertville High School, Eden Hall Church, and Bethlehem Steel Works. Future T.O.M.B. actions will be on an even greater scale such as collaborations with Mayhem’s Hellhammer.


KHF is Patrick Cole, of Brooklyn NY



curator and producer Bob Bellerue is a sound artist and audio engineer based in Bushwick NY. Bob's solo and collaborative work has been presented at the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, Living Arts of Tulsa's New Genre Festival, Redcat's CEAIT Festival, Issue Project Room, Diapason Sound Gallery, Roulette, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver Noise Festival, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, PDX Noise Festival, Geronimo FM (Yogyakarta), Radio Epsilonia (Paris), East Village Radio, WFMU, WKCR, KFJC, KXLU, CalArts, Stanford University, UCSD, and UCLA. he has produced music festivals and events going back 25 years, including the Ende Tymes Festival (2011-present), Turn The Screws (2005-6), and Beyond Music (2003). More info: http://halfnormal.com




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