Katie Porter bass clarinet
Bob Bellerue feedback

Eternities is an intuitive collaboration between bass clarinetist Katie Porter and sound artist Bob Bellerue. Their work is inspired by deep presence, resonant feedback, melodic drone, and overtone magic, in the fluid realm between intention and indeterminacy. We use harmonic tones from wind instruments played within feedback systems to create multidimensional spectral drone.


Performance History

Honeymoon Tour
28 July 2024: Boston MA TBC 27 July 2024: Sonorium (Salem MA) :: Eternities, Knows, Deftly Demotion, Errant Space
24 July 2024: Mousetrap Lounge (Halifax NS) :: Eternities. K. Rissiek, PNL(A), Rhoda, Moss Harvest (ambient DJ)
21 July 2024: Uguisubari Concert Series (5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent #350, Montreal QC) :: Eternities, Lori Freedman, An Laurence
20 July 2024: Neighbors (Ithaca NY) :: Eternities, Matt Weston, Juho Laitinen
15 July 2024: Selva (Brooklyn NY) :: Eternities, Picture Rather Muted, Closing

1 June 2024: Mutual Obliteration 3, Object Collection / Collapsible Hole (New York NY) :: Eternities, Devon Wade Granmo & Stephen Bron, Kara Feely, The Million Underscores, hosted by Mask Girls
6 Mar 2024: Broken Impro (Paris FR) :: Eternities with Samon Takahashi
5 Mar 2024: Le Non Jazz (Paris FR) :: Eternities, Earthworm, Auguste Vickunaité, Simonas Nekrosius, Alanas Gurinas
29 Feb 2024: PAS (Berlin DE) :: Eternities, Chris Pitsiokis & Benjamin Bennett, Hannes Lingens
24 Jan 2024: Assembly / Sisters (Brooklyn NY) :: Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary, Eternities, Drew Wesely LINK
22 Jan 2024: Striped Light (Queens NY) :: Eternities, Thokozani Mhlambi, Jessica Pavone LINK

Forever ASAP tour :: FLYER
15 Nov 2023: Artists Space (New York NY):: Lasse Marhaug, Eternities, Neuter LINK
30 Nov 2023: High Zero @ The Red Room (Baltimore MD) :: Eternities, Neume (Rose Burt, James Young, and Sarah Manley) LINK
1 Dec 2023: Vox Populi (Philadelphia PA):: Eternities, Morgan Evans Weiller, Jim Strong and Victor Vieira-Branco duo LINK
2 Dec 2023: Catalytic Sound Festival @ Rhizome (Washington DC) :: Sylvie Courvoisier & Ned Rothenberg, Eternities, Alma Laprida & Brian Weitz, Fred Lonberg-Holm & Toshi Makihara LINK
7 Dec 2023: Shirt Factory / Handbell Studios (Kingston NY) :: Eternities, Fred Lonberg-Holm/Ben Vida/Ben Bennett trio, Spreaders LINK
15 Dec 2023: Stone Circle Theatre / Ridgewood Presbyterian Church (Queens NY) :: Wake! with Eternities, Steve Long & Kalli Mathios, Anthony Coleman, Zach Layton & Henry Fraser, River Ramirez, Heather Johnson, Precious Okoyomon, Frances Arpaia, and others LINK

August Realness Tour 2023:: FLYER
2 August: The Fixin’ To (Portland OR)
3 August: CatMa Gallery (Olympia WA)
4 August: Gallery 1412 (Seattle WA) LINK
5 August: The Lido (Vancouver BC)
6 August: The Vault Cafe (Nanaimo BC)
8 August: Mississippi Studios (Portland OR)

9 June 2023: Harvestworks (Governor's Island NY) :: Eternities performance in Bob Bellerue's "Oroboros" installation LINK

29 April 2023: Ende Tymes 13 / First Unitarian Church of Brooklyn :: Eternities, gabby fluke-mogul & Nava Dunkelman, Chloe Alexandra Thompson, Raven Chacon's "Voiceless Mass" with Alex Waterman, Jessica Pavone, Katie Porter, Leila Bordreuil, Luke Stewart, Laura Ortman, gabby fluke-mogul, Laura Cocks, Nava Dunkelman, Steven Long, Yuma Uesaka, Carlo Costa, Bob Bellerue LINK
5 March 2023: Avalon Lounge (Catskills NY) :: Notice Recordings Presents: Eternities (Katie Porter + Bob Bellerue) / Spreaders / Marie Carroll + Zoots Hudson / Ugly Bike + Midnight Dental LINK
26 Jan 2023: Shift (Brooklyn NY) :: Eternities (Bob Bellerue & Katie Porter) // Reg Bloor // David Grubbs & Eli Winter duo LINK


Marc Masters. “Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp. May 2023” June 7, 2023 link “Utah-based bass clarinet player Katie Porter and New York sound artist Bob Bellerue both excel at creating widescreen audio fields. So it’s natural that working together would result in soundscapes that move and breathe as if in 3-D. Realness comprises two live recordings in New York from earlier this year, each taking up about a half-hour side of tape. The earlier performance in Brooklyn is aptly-titled “Long Slow Deep,” as the duo gradually explore the lower range of the sound spectrum before escalating into piercing sine waves. “Ah Impermanence,” recorded in the Catskills, is more ferocious; though it starts with a nearly hymnal aura, Porter’s growling clarinet pushes Bellerue to match her in darkness and bite.”

Brad Rose. “The Capsule Garden, Vol 2.22” June 21, 2023 link “After being lulled into a state of calmness through quiet, bending drones and spacious resonance, Realness claws through the skin and leaves a scar. Katie Porter and Bob Bellerue concoct a blackened aural stew that churns beneath the surface and harnesses the weight of a decaying grid. Stretches tones want to break but hold on to the last fibers and hang together. Porter bends hollowed-out notes into a sonic breathing void blanketed by Bellerue’s fragmented electronics. Edges are sharpened. Distortion becomes a wave until the feedback climbs the walls and sharp frequencies begin cracking glass. Realness is visceral and hypnotizing, with Porter and Bellerue riding the chaos into the rotten core."

Vanessa Ague. “On Location. Festivals, concerts, clubs. Ende Tymes 13” The Wire Issue 471. May 2023 link “The 13th edition of Ende Tymes presents everything from guttural pulses to muted scrapes. The cavernous gothic revival church teems with anticipation for the earth-shaking noise as its dark, wooden pews fill with chattering people. And then, a rumbling tone from Katie Porter’s bass clarinet launches the concert, setting a contemplative tone that continues throughout.
Ende Tymes happens each spring and is billed as a "festival of sonic liberation." The centrepiece of this edition's second day (sic) is the New York premiere of Raven Chacon's Voiceless Mass, which reflects on colonial history. Before that monumental moment, you can hear a characteristically eclectic range of sounds: the enrapturing drones of Katie Porter and Bob Bellerue’s bass clarinet-synth (sic) duo Eternities, the frenetic energy of violinist gabby fluke-mogul and percussionist Nava Dunkelman, the crushing beats of sound artist Chloe Alexandra Thompson....”

Ende Tymes photos by Lorenzo SanJuan


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