limited-edition tape series + digital downloads

each release is produced in a numbered edition of 24 copies, hand-labeled, black xerographic ink on silver paper.

tapes + downloads are available via bandcamp at

tapes alone can be bought directly for $8 us / $9.50 can / $11 world. paypal (send as a personal gift please)

audio samples are on bandcamp - click on the pictures below


Rust Worship "Comfort In Prospects" c60


Penny Royale "This Town" c20


OPPONENTS "Broken Divine" c20


Husere Grav "Separation" c20


Flesh Coffin "Chop Chop" c20


F.E. Denning "Descent Into Darkness" c30

first edition on silver paper SOLD OUT, second edition of 24 on grey paper in the works


Diablo "Twins" c10


Diablo "Twins2" c30