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KILT "Santa Muerte" LP, Power/field 3 compilation, and AMK flexi disk in progress 

new tape label - Sleepy Hollow Editions - created for very small run tape editions. 


Anarchymoon June 2011

4 new vinyl releases. somebody ate too much rye

ANOK29 Andrew Coltrane / Bob Bellerue "A Confederassy of Burnt Bridges" split 12"
two firestorms, two sides. AxCx brings two tracks in a long delirious slow burning assault, with virgin sacrifices in a sonic sacrifice. mastered offa cassette till it was pure carnage. BxBx sketches and slashes out a busted landscape, with FM radio battles and assault horns to salve the suburban frontier with fire and metal rain. color covers, xerox insert. limited edition of 125 copies.


ANOK36 "GX Jupitter-Larsen with Cheapmachines" 7"
a blustering clusterf*ck by these two masters of audiophile murk. 2 sides that churn with wild abandon through the reproductive systems of cement truck whales, orgone subways, and curdled rivers of molten latex. limited edition of 100 copies on yellow vinyl with color foldover covers. $8 + shipping


ANOK38 Postcommodity "Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine" LP
two long sides in this session of hunting songs by Postcommodity, the Southwest avant-garde true-native ensemble of Raven Chacon (KILT/Death Convention Singers), Cristóbal Martínez, Kade L. Twist, and Nathan Young (Ajilvsga / Alms). using hand-made instruments made of bone and skin, junk metal, voice, and choice electronics in spare amount, "Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine" traces a sonic arc through the chase of animals, and the movement of blood and spirit in the midst of industrial and cultural collapse. it is a stark and spirited statement of remaining free within growing technological fetishism, intellectual slavery, and the continuing curse of colonialism in America and greater capitalist culture. screen-printed fold-over covers, printed labels. limited edition of 200 copies.


ANOK39 Gen Ken Montgomery "1/f noise" one-sided 12inch LP with printed B-side
"1/f Noise" began as an immersive listening performance where people were led one by one, blindfolded, down eight flights of stairs, through corridors, in and out of rooms with firing kilns, clay mixers, buffering machines and ventilation ducts. This performance, plus the sounds of ceramic production--recorded at the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning in Cincinnati, Ohio--were then combined with an 8-channel concert recording from Art Damage Lodge to create the composition on this record. Regular and artist editions available:
Regular edition: limited to175 copies with insert in letter-pressed cover by Future Retrieval, with pro-printed inserts, printed label on the A side, and ink printing on the blank B-side.
An artist edition: limited to 20 copies packaged in a handmade box with 2 ceramic sculptures cast from a mold made from Gen Ken's inner ear by the avant-garde ceramic artist team of Katie Parker & Guy Michael Davis (Future Retrieval).


anok28 :: ?Cold Fire? 4-way split LP with Astro, Pulse Emitter, Acre, Monsturo

Featuring the work of 4 artists from the extremes of synthetic electronic music, this record points the way to the future - by cutting through the illusions of
time, space, origin and destination, and surfing the caustic waves of progress.

Astro tears open the fabric of consciousness and launches a new Big Bang with a devastating and shapely electronic assault. Pulse Emitter provides
snapshots of landscapes of passionate, eerie colors from the skies and seas. Acre churns forth a crème brûlée of crown jewels and narcocryptic bliss.
Monsturo prods through the aether, starting tidal waves, digesting cities.

#?d edition of 200, with color cover art, and color inserts.



anok35 :: Brown ?Lepidoptera? LP

The debut album from Portland's sound wizard Jeremy Long brings three tracks of organic electronics. Follow his solo caravan
through barren minimalism, astral storms, and lush drones. Side project of a member of doom-drone titans TECUMSEH,
"Lepidoptera" is music for an expanding universe. Housed in a screen-printed fold-over jacket and insert. Limited to 200 copies.



Corcucopia "Ultima" LP

Debut full-length vinyl release by this long-running drone-noise project from Puerto Rico. Over the last 15 years this duo has harnessed interstellar weather systems in the coldest & darkest heavens. Ultima is a step in a neo-shamanic direction, presenting opaque industrial ambiences and harsh walls modulated by living energy. A relentless journey to the furthest distances, crafted with Cornucopia's usual sculpted precision.

Limited to 200, with screen-print artwork and insert.


Raven Chacon "At The Point Where The Rivers Crossed, We Drew Our Knives" LP

Debut LP by American composer Raven Chacon. Drawing on inspiration from avant-garde and noise traditions, "At The Point Where The Rivers Crossed, We Drew Our Knives" presents one solo work for electronics and two chamber pieces. A slowly growing swarms of predators lumbering through dry landscapes, "The Totem of the Total Siren" is a work for resonating snare, cruel bone whistle, and wailing nylon string guitar. "La'ts'aadah" is a piece for solo violin recorded very close to the performer with a worn-down microphone. Using very little tonal material it is an exploration of instrumental textures and seamless transitions in between the many types of noise the instrument can make. "Hasta'aadah" is a chamber piece recorded by the Mary Washington Wind Ensemble, using overlapping melodies in a thick drone. The three tracks are different in sound but similar in process: first imagined as songs that one might hum in the back of one's mind throughout the toil of the day, without planning the composition as a narrative or structured journey, they lead to a culmination of conscious realization, acting as unconscious antidotes to a craven society.

Limited to 200 copies, with screen-printed covers by Jaycee Beyale


Francisco Meirino and Bob Bellerue "Brut" CDr

"Brut" is a collection of collaborative recordings by Francisco Meirino and Bob Bellerue, one track re-mixed by each of the artists to create a new composition. Extended tones and textures from homemade electronics and software by these prolific avant-garde composers. Limited edition of 100 copies on black CDrs with screen-printed covers and color inserts.


Hector Cuvelier & Emile De Potter / Bob Bellerue split 2x miniCDr

Harsh abuse, long brilliant tones and caustic reveries. Radio music hostage abused and dyed. Features members of No John and Redglaer

Limited edition of 50 copies in screen-printed covers.


Power/field 2 compilation 2xCDr

Power/field is a compilation dedicated to the creation of experimental music recordings live on-site in the "field" wherever that may be. As opposed to common electornic music / noise compositional techniques whereby field recordings are used in live performances and in tape compositions with added electronic processing, Power/field is dedicated to work that is created in the context of the field where processing equipment is brought to the site where the recordings occur, where the studio is brought to the field and not the opposite. With a "no post-processing" policy, the works presented vary from raw snippets of minimal sound projects to long works with a composed progression.

In this second edition of the series, Power/field 2 presents a wide variety of compositional styles: from non-processed recordings of interesting and bizarre acoustic phenomena (Francisco Lopez, Dave Phillips, Sean Oneill, Circuit Wound, Glenn Bach, Brian Schorn, Brizbomb, Alessandro Massobrio, Johnny Chang), to layered real-time musique conrete (Thomas Dimuzio, Father of the Flood, David Sanchez Burr, Kevin Schlueter, Thomas Park), to minimal live input noise (Wilt, Novasak, Francisco Meirino, Bob Bellerue, Napalmed, IDX1274), to combinations and general curiosities (Joke Lanz and Daniel Löwenbrück, Ben Owen, Nat Hawks and Christian Science Minotaur, MLF, Mark Cetilia, Jeff Thompson, Terence Fuller, Basti Manen, Will Gresson, Thomas Park)

Limited edition of 200. 2 CDrs packaged in Stumptown gatefold sleeves screen-printed by Ian Hawk.



The Mae Shi, Foot Village, Ponytail, Abe Vigoda, High Places, Gowns, BARR, No Age, HEALTH, and Captain Ahab

a fundraiser for The Smell, and a toast to its... scent

Runtime 2 hours, All-Region DVD, 6-panel Digipak

PITCHFORK: "those of us who never get out to L.A. will finally get to see what all the fuss is about." LA RECORD: "The shots capture The Smell in true form." LA WEEKLY: "The Live at the Smell DVD is a veritable yearbook commemorating over 10 years of creativity and passion." THE PLAYLIST: "well worth seeking out." THE ORGAN GRINDER: "an impressive cast of bands."

ordering here

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Tom Grimley "Looks Like We Automate It!!" CDr

A radio drama gone bad - Live recording of Tom Grimley's Automated Electronic Music Ensemble during the "SEMI-AUTOMATIC ACCOMPANIED SOLO DANCE TOUR!!!" on KBOO Portland. True audio carnage by the wild man of the LA noise scene.
If you don't know Tom's work: with a background in composition (Loyola Marymout, home of KXLU); audio engineering (recording Beck and hundreds of others for the WIN record label he founded in 1989 with Devin Sarno); playing bass and electronics for various early/mid-90s projects in LA such as The Rentals and Slug; he now exclusively builds boxes based in circuit-bent projects, housed in homemade plexiglass and wood cases that are controlled by remote. Performances typically included him setting them up one by one, placing them in various locations around the listening space, then sitting back drinking a beer and smoking while they play. His stamina when it comes to beer is beyond competition.
In Spring 2007 he set off for a 3 month US tour in his VW Bug, leaving a trail of destruction in his path. Near the Badlands of South Dakota he spent 5 hours rebuilding the engine at a rest stop, then drove stright through to Portlandistan, where he shocked the club owners by asking that the lights be turned on during a featured Friday night slot. That next week he played at my house and broke the landlord's bench for the cute breakfast nook; luckily he didn't play the washing machine (by turning it on with a bunch of beer bottles inside) like he did in Ypsilanti. He drank me under the table and then left to get laid.
Finally, he played on the radio at KBOO. He decided to close-mic his boxes, and that alone made for such a super-hot noise barrage that i demanded he let me release it. About 15 minutes into it, he races into the live room (where i and his boxes were) and urgently beckons me to follow him into the engineering booth, where he was wildly mixing the signals. All the levels were cranked to their fullest - every trim pot, EQ, fader, etc. He even turned up the main compressors heading to the DJ booth (where thankfully for the FCC they had another bank of compressors, otherwise he could have brought down the station). He ends up composing by drunken maw - knocking all the faders down except one, then throwing them all back up in time with his minion's divine expressions.
Halfway through the hour-long slot, he turns off the boxes (by remote) to go into the DJ booth with all his friends, to have a discussion about The Future. During this discussion (which is not presented on the CDr) the mics for his boxes are still live, and feeding back down the hallway, around the corner, to the engineering room where everything is still recording. After the discussion the boxes are fired up again (by remote) and the show goes on. Eventually the speakers in the engineering room cut out, and he high-tailed it out of there before the hippies could patchouli his Wile E. Coyote ass.
All the mayhem that ensued in this small chapter of this gifted circuit-bender-audio-ninja-sonic-weatherman is captured on Looks Like We Automate It!! without any polite gain adjustments. Every fade up out and overload is preserved. He asserts this will be his last recorded release ever, as to quote from the DJ room discussion "you have to be a troubador, you have to be a wandering minstrel now. you have to take your stuff on the road and present it to people. there is no point to having something and selling it, it's totally embarassing. anybody who sells anything is embarassing, and they should just go home. recorded music is over, and live performance is where it is at."
Ed of 200, jewel case, pro-pressed booklet and insert, rubber-stamped and machine-labelled discs.


Bob Bellerue and Jarrett Silberman "Amplified Piano Duets" 12" and CDr

A lost journey to unknown planets, defective machinery, dead pilots at the controls. Recorded in late 2006, in the waning light of the Il Corral, when free pianos roamed the wild west. Jarrett Silberman is one of the few remaining gunslingers of downtown LA, a founding member of the Smell, formerly in Young People, tours with Liars and others. Bob Bellerue is the harbinger of Halfnormal / Anarchymoon, plays with KILT, formerly of the Il Corral. Both have solo amplified piano pieces, and getting together seemed like the perfect idear.
12" + CDr (ed 200 paste-on neon orange cover art) OR CDr-only version (ed 100, jewel case, pro-pressed booklet and insert, rubber-stamped discs) "Amplified, fuck yeah!... slabs of leaden Noise... thrust through their Noise-making processes to dynamic effect." (The Wire)


PEOPLE WHO DO NOISE DVD:: featuring performance footage and interviews with 14 of the most active noise artists in Portland OR (incl Smegma, Daniel Menche, Yellow Swans, Pulse Emitter and more). released on a new label called Cold Hands Video. available soon on and Netflix. for more info visit and please add us on myspace: myspace/coldhandsvideo


DOG BONE 2x7" with The Cherry Point, Obstacle Corpse, God Willing, Privy Seals

Sublime disturbances from these 4 harsh noise monks. Thick pummeling abuse from The Cherry Point, huge dynamics, deep and a very different style from what i'm familiar of his. Obstacle Corpse brings in a pcp-anime soundtrack full of wild ravings and shreddingtones. Thick gnarl from the creep-drone surgeon God Willing, like drilling through gloass and chains. Live set by Privy Seals that catches him in his prime wail-wall, explosions of volcanic rage.

ed of 161 copies, red vinyl with red labels, color insert, in 3-color chipboard glue-pocket gatefold sleeves by SeizurePalace, even an obi strip. sorry for the pain, it's good for you ::: $20 ppd


anok22:: Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device "Birthdays" LP

Birthdays consists of two live sets by maverick amplified-glass player Justice Yeldham recorded during his & Keg's recent tour of Europe. If you've never heard of the guy you are in for a bloody treat. Using concert-grade piano contact mics, he amplifies a sheet of glass and plays it with his mouth and face, processing it with pedals attached to his belt, usually barefooted. The results are unworldly, and hearing it you would never imagine what created it, something only an Aussie could achieve. Like careening assaults of insect spaceships, he transports the listener to other worlds of sound, ending most often in a crash of the glass upon his head. He survives, bloody but alive, never worse for wear in the morning.

Side A was captured in Marseille on the eve of Justice's 35th birthday while side B was recorded on Kegs birthday in Porto (for a preview listen at myspace/justiceyeldham). And to top off the birthday cheer Keg also did the cover illustration as a gift for Justice's Birthday. Mastered by the god-like Rasheed of Dubplates (Berlin), the record has been collaboratively released in an edition of 600 copies across the world by Anarchymoon Recordings (North America), Turgid Animal (Europe) & All Thumbs Press (Australia).

Black vinyl, B-on-W labels, 2-sided glue-on cover art (lim 600, 200 for UxSx distro), $13 ppd



:: still available ::

anok19 :: Tecumseh "Crossing Divides" LP

anok18 :: Smegma "The Smell Remains The Same" LP

anok17 :: ABQ=/= LAX 7"

anok16 :: KILT "Snow White In Hell" LP

anok12 :: Roman Torment / Feed the Dragon split 12"

anok11cd :: Redglaer "American Masonry" CD


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